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Gaming Mastery X3

Master any game. Become a professional gamer.

Ultimate Writer X

Unlimited Creativity for Profound Transformative Written Expression

Ultimate Programmer X

Learn Any Programming Language, Master the Art of Programming

Boxing Mastery X

Easily learn. Improve and master boxing skills.

Muay Thai Mastery X

Easily Master Muay Thai Techniques

Ultimate Artist

Enhance Your Creativity, Increase Your Creative Output

Remote Viewing X & Astral Projection X

Learn or Enhance Your Remote Viewing and Astral Projection Abilities

Status/Extreme Focus

Emperor Black: Twilight of the Gods

Achieve Extreme Focus, Dominance and Status


Khan Black: The Crucible

Cultivate Incredible Sexual Energy, Overcome All Sexual Limitations


Quantum Limitless

Ultimate Learning and Productivity Multi-Stage Subliminal


The Ecstasy of Gold Multistage

Manifest Wealth, Financial Opportunities and Productivity Subliminal

R.I.C.H. Crypto

Manifest Incredible Wealth Investing in Crypto, Forex, Stock Trading


Manifest Incredible Amounts of Income and Wealth Subliminal

Khan Multistage

Build an Empire, Manifest Endless Wealth, Become the Alpha Male, Have Unlimited Sex Subliminal


Dragon Reborn Multistage

Complete Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing and Restoration


Alchemist Supreme

Enhance Your Spiritual Life, Improve Remote Viewing and Astral Projection Abilities


Emperor Fitness Supreme

Subliminal Weight Loss, Enhance Physical and Mental Strength


Who is Jakk Russells?

Jakk Russells is more than just a name. Our team is passionate about skill development and personal growth. We've created this platform to help you find the best mindsetting tools available.

How do you rate your top Mindsetting Tools?

Our ratings are based on research, user feedback, and analysis to offer you exceptional products worth your time and effort.

How do you choose your Mondsetting Tools?

We evaluate mindsetting tools carefully, considering content, feedback, instructor credentials, and practical applications. Only top-notch courses make it onto our lists, so you can trust you're getting a quality learning experience.

How often are the top Mindsetting Tools updated?

When there's a new emerging course that creates a buzz on the internet.

Do you consider user feedback in your rankings?

Your feedback is crucial for our rankings and personalized recommendations. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.